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Danica Rios

I Empower Emerging Salesforce Talent as a Project Manager and Mentor with Talent Stacker

As a seasoned Salesforce Certified Administrator and Senior Product Owner, Danica excels in designing innovative solutions that align with strategic business goals. With over three years of experience at Talent Stacker, she has been pivotal in empowering aspiring Salesforce professionals through immersive, hands-on learning experiences. Danica's leadership in agile environments enables her to effectively manage cross-functional teams, driving the development and implementation of complex projects from conception to delivery. Actively involved in the Salesforce community, she mentors Trailblazers, sharing her deep expertise to help others launch and advance their careers in the tech industry. Danica's passion for nurturing talent and her commitment to operational excellence make her a trusted advisor and mentor in the Salesforce ecosystem.

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