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Stay At Home Parents

Are you currently a stay at home parent looking to jump back into the workforce but don’t really know where to start? It can be a scary transition, but we are here to help!Skilling up for a Salesforce career can be a great and affordable option for stay at home parents who need flexibility and efficiency in their next role. We invite you to check out the important resources below to learn more.

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Listen to stories from stay at home parents who made the decision to pursue a Salesforce career and how they successfully navigated their journey.

Srujana Padamatinti
Richa Chopra

Skill Up Today!

This might be your first time jumping back into the workforce after several years away and you might be wondering where to get started – how to learn about Salesforce, prepare your resume, and nail job interviews. We recommend starting with the following important steps:

Learn About Salesforce: Hit the ground running with our Free Salesforce Associate Course. This program will give you the high-level overview of what Salesforce is, what Salesforce professionals do, and support you in obtaining your first certification.

Build Your Essential Skills: As important as understanding the Salesforce platform is, these aren’t the only skills that you need to bring to the table – as a stay at home parent, you have so much experience already! Learn more about how to highlight your “essential” skills.

Lock in Your Branding: As a Salesforce Professional, your branding is key! Check out our Free resources on How to Create the Best Salesforce Professional Resume and our Salesforce LinkedIn Domination Guide.

Get Hands-On Experience: There are many ways to get hands-on experience with Salesforce. Hear from our team on what we recommend.

Prepare for Your Interviews: Perhaps you have never done an interview before, that’s okay! We have you covered with our Perfecting Your Interview Quick Guide.

Your Questions Answered

Here are some questions or concerns we commonly hear from people thinking about making this transition