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Healthcare Professional

In light of the COVID pandemic, many healthcare professionals are looking to transition into a new career that offers reduced stress, work-life balance, and higher financial support.If you are an EMT, administrator, physical therapist, nurse, doctor or other healthcare professional, we invite you to check out the important resources below.

Hear from others just like you!

That desire to help others is very much what will be needed to tell your story in job interviews. How you translate that into the Salesforce Ohana and how your experience trickles down to the Salesforce clients will easily show your passion for Salesforce, the platform, and the community.

Testimonial from    Lory Tibbets

Lory Tibbets

Former Registered Nurse

Being able to help support and improve the systems that are working behind the scenes of healthcare is needed! Especially to those who've experienced what it's really like working on the front line. Switching to a career in Salesforce is how you can make an even bigger impact! Helping families and communities for generations to come with healthcare systems that truly support them can be done through Salesforce.

Testimonial from    Elulu Keith

Elulu Keith

Former Health Coach

Go for it! It won't be easy but if you put in the effort you will get where you want to be! Be gentle with yourself. Remember you need to fail often to remember how to stand up after it.

Testimonial from    Chloé Ducharme

Chloé Ducharme

Former Radiation Therapist

You are going to get discouraged, you are going to doubt yourself, imposter syndrome will happen…KEEP GOING! As Bradley has said, “There is no quitting here.” The only way you fail is if you give up on yourself.

Testimonial from    Starlene Wiley

Starlene Wiley

Former Compliance Analyst

The opportunities are endless. You can stay in healthcare and use your knowledge, or you can expand into other industries…Utilize the resources that are online and you will be able to learn - if you do grasp a concept on Trailhead, there are always other people who explain it differently and you can find someone who trains to fit your style of learning.

Testimonial from    Kristie Brown

Kristie Brown

Former Healthcare Pro

You have so many transferable skills. The technical parts are learnable, and there's so many resources to help. The identity transition is real, so find others who have transitioned from healthcare.

Testimonial from    Anjali Truitt

Anjali Truitt

Former Healthcare Pro

Transfer Your Skills

Check out how some of our Talent Stacker Members translated their previous experience from the Healthcare industry to their Salesforce Career!

Communication & Stakeholder Engagement: Collaborated with multidisciplinary professionals, patients, and families to ensure quality and efficient patient care, utilizing strong assessment skills to determine immediate necessities and accurately document assessment findings.

End User Training: Educate, prepare and reassure patients and their families by answering questions, providing physical assistance, and reinforcing physicians’ advice regarding treatment reactions or post-treatment care.

Critical Thinking: Supported clients to develop effective decision-making skills for key problems.

Data Informed Decision Making: Gathered data by performing history taking and physical examination and analyzed data to plan for management of patients.

Teamwork: Worked with a team of dedicated health care and support professionals to deliver quality, personal care to patients.

Your Questions Answered

Here are some questions or concerns we commonly hear from people thinking about making this transition

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