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Homeschool Your Kids and Have Your Career Too | Ep 053

Homeschool Your Kids and Have Your Career Too | Ep 053

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If you have kids and like the idea of blending work-from-home with school-at-home,  have we the episode for you!

In today's show, Bradley and Anita talk to April Lee, Joshua Brist, and Talia Johnson to uncover how they've managed to combine their Salesforce careers with homeschooling their kids.

It's striking how many parallels there are between the two!

Handy Timestamps:

7:40: What is homeschooling and what are the various kinds?

12:55: What is the link between a Salesforce career and being a homeschooling parent?

12:24: What  are the challenges of first being a homeschooling single parent and then deciding to get into Salesforce?

26:20:  How important is community to homeschooling families? (Spoiler Alert, it’s just as important as to Salesforce professionals).

35:30: Wait, Trailhead in a homeschool curriculum?

43:35: Brad’s daughter’s egg-cellent Salesforce homeschool adventure.

47:05: How not to let conventional education hold back your kids.

Links and Resources:


Online classes or curriculum:

Learning apps for young kids:

  • Teach Your Monster To Read

  • Stack the States 2

  • Starfall

  • Khan Academy Kids



Also search Facebook groups, Reddit, TikTok and in-person homeschool groups.