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Ace your interview, nourish your network, and other helpful Q&As! | Ep 043

Ace your interview, nourish your network, and other helpful Q&As! | Ep 043

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In this Q&A, we walk you through the questions you're most likely to get asked in a Salesforce interview and equip you with answers that'll set you apart from other candidates. We also go over the common mistakes people make when building connections in the Salesforce community, and provide tips on how to avoid them to ensure a flourishing and supportive network.

For the specific questions we address in today's episode, be sure to check out the Handy Timestamps below!

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Handy Timestamps

2:15: What are some effective strategies for finding Salesforce job opportunities in a competitive market?

33:15: What are effective ways to expand my professional connections in the Salesforce community?

36:35: Are there any common mistakes to avoid when networking or building a personal brand?

40:30: How can I leverage my current Salesforce experience to move up the career ladder?

Interview Questions

10:45: Tell me about yourself.

14:10: Out of all the companies out there, what made you choose this one?

18:45: What are your biggest weaknesses?

22:10: What is a situation where you made a mistake, and how did you handle it?

26:00: What would you do if you came across something you didn't know how to do?

29:15: What is the difference between profiles and roles, and explain the Salesforce security framework.

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