Degrees Matter Less Than You Think | Ep 033

Degrees Matter Less Than You Think | Ep 033

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4+ years. Thousands of dollars per semester. By the time we graduate, our shiny new degrees have us asking one question: Was it worth it?

Most of us are told that college is the best, if not only, way to land a high-paying job. But what if there was a way to save the time and money you'd spend in school AND get a head start in the job market?

In today's episode, Ryan Maruyama, Brad, and Anita break down why getting a college degree isn't always the answer, and why jumping into Salesforce could be a better fit for those looking to kickstart their careers without unnecessary fees and effort.

To learn more about going Degree Free, be sure to check out Ryan and Hannah's podcast in the Links and Resources below!

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Handy Timestamps

2:50: Ryan shares what drove him to start Degree Free.
6:30: Knowing your priorities is a crucial first step when it comes to designing the life you want.
9:55: Our guest breaks down how the value of college degrees has evolved over time.
12:30: This is the difference between a job hunter with and without a college degree.
22:00: Ryan answers the three most common questions that he receives on his podcast.
31:00: Brad dives into the different sources of knowledge we can learn from and why it might be a good idea to go beyond college professors.
35:40: How things have changed post-pandemic.

Links and Resources

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