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Double Your Income, Win Financial Independence, And Earn Respect As Salesforce Wizard | Ep 009

Double Your Income, Win Financial Independence, And Earn Respect As Salesforce Wizard | Ep 009

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What would it be like to more than double your income, pay off all your debt, move to a lower cost of living location to be closer to loved ones, AND be treated with the respect for the specialized skills you possess?

In today's episode, Heather Rhoden shares with Bradly and Anita how joining Talent Stacker helped her land her new Salesforce career in just 3 1/2 months.

Better yet, the ability to earn more and save more has allowed her to win back her Financial Independence!

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2:10: How listening to two inspirational stories - and taking action - changed Heather Rhoden's life helped her win back her financial independence.

4:00: How Heather paid off her credit card debt and earned herself a fresh start.

7:30: How the Financial Independence community is so similar to the Talent Stacker and Salesforce communities in helping to lift you up and keep you on task.

11:00: How Heather eventually got her first Salesforce job in just 3 1/2 months, with double the pay and quadruple the respect.

13:00: First time decisions that come with financial strength: max out employer-sponsored 401 K retirement account, or get into house-hacking with real estate?

15:45: A higher paycheck flips the Financial Independence equation of earn more, spend less, and invest the difference. Here's how.

19:50: How a 100% remote Salesforce career sets you up for geo-arbitrage: earning a high income and moving to a low cost of living region while being closer to family.

27:45: How a Salesforce career and FI allows you to take your life on the road, Personal Time Off days be damned!

29:20: By exceeding expectations in their Salesforce roles, most people will earn the respect of their co-workers and get $10-$20k raises within a year of getting started.

34:30: Preview of the next episode.

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