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Earn $70k a Year While Still In School As a Salesforce Professional | Ep 017

Earn $70k a Year While Still In School As a Salesforce Professional | Ep 017

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Think back to the last part-time job you had when you were in college. Chances are, you probably were not earning much at the time.

But what if you could be making at least $35 an hour as a Salesforce administrator, while going to college? Or even more amazing, working as a Salesforce professional without a 4-year college degree?

Our guests today are Tucker GartnerEric Kogan, and Patrick Amis, who got certified as Salesforce administrators and launched their careers before getting their 4-year degrees. One of them even got started back in high school!

If you know someone who might want to explore an alternative to the 4-year-college path that would still land them a high-paying job, this episode is one they need to tune into!

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Handy Timestamps

5:13: How Nathan, Eric, and Patrick made the decision between a Salesforce career and college.

8:20: Knowing what they know now, what might they tell their younger selves about going to college?

12:40: How they dealt with ageism for being so young in the corporate world.

17:05: How long it took them to earn a 6-figure salary.

21:40: How their parents reacted when they guys revealed that they were going to take a path less traveled and pursue a Salesforce career?

27:30: What advice they may have for others who aspire to start Salesforce at an early age, but who are afraid of going against societal norms.

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