Skills That Turn Employers On | Ep 028

Skills That Turn Employers On | Ep 028

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Job hunting: We all know the struggle. Maybe you've spent hours perfecting your resume and LinkedIn profile only to get rejected after an interview, or maybe you're not sure how to even get your foot in the door. If you've been trying to get hired as entry or junior-level talent and are looking for a few pointers, then this is the episode for you!

In today's episode, Recruitment Director at Fast Flow Motion Sam Donaghey joins us to unpack what happens on the employer's side of the hiring process, and what companies look for when hiring candidates. (Spoiler alert: It's less about technical skills than you'd think!)

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Handy Timestamps

5:50: Sam explains the main things he looks for when interviewing possible candidates, including the softer skills that often go overlooked.

14:20: It can be easy for candidates to misunderstand the employers' side of things. Sam breaks down what the hiring process is like at FSM.

23:30: Brad and Sam unpack what job descriptions are really meant for, and why culture is such an important part of the equation.

27:15: How does one even get to the interview stage? Brad and Anita wonder how to get Sam's attention.

31:20: We're back to the age-old question of whether college degrees matter for recruiters.

32:20: For as hot of a topic as the economy is, Salesforce seems to have the upper hand when it comes to recessions (and pandemics!)

36:30: Sam goes over the different Salesforce roles and how relevant they are at FSM.

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