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Landing a Salesforce Job as a College Alternative | Ep 010

Landing a Salesforce Job as a College Alternative | Ep 010

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For decades, the most common advice given to most high schoolers was to either enter the trades, or go to college. We love the trades, and there is ample evidence why that is such a valid path for many people, with a high return on investment of your time and money.

But college? That is less clear cut in today's environment. What if there was a better alternative to college, one that would lead to a high paying $60,000 - $70,000 career in tech without sacrificing the time and money that most people have to endure?

In today's episode, Nicholas Wenzel shares with Bradly and Anita how joining Talent Stacker during college helped him land a new Salesforce career in just a few months. His success even prompted him to quit college and begin his own path towards Financial Independence!

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Handy Timestamps

01:56: How Nicholas got his start in Salesforce.

03:27: Why he quit not just college, but also high school.

04:48: How his parents felt about his unconventional path.

07:55: Why he feels that college for most people is nothing but a big scam.

09:57: What Nicholas felt was the biggest risk of pursuing a full time high-paying career in Salesforce versus taking the college track.

11:48: How has his new career changed his financial outlook.

13:05: What is the return on investment on college, versus pursuing an alternative? Hint: It's at least a couple of years and more than $50,000!!

14:15: How any one still in college can take a low-risk way to try out if a Salesforce career might be right for them (and why parents should encourage them!).

18:25: Can people in their late teens and early 20s really get hired into these high-paying Salesforce jobs? (Spoiler alert, the answer is yes - here's why).

21:38: What about people who are mid-career, looking to pivot out of a career or profession that no longer lights them up? Do they to go back to college?

24:59: So what are the scenarios where it makes sense to go to college?

32:19: Preview of next episode.

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