Maximizing Your Career Acceleration | Ep 041

Maximizing Your Career Acceleration | Ep 041

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Imagine you've been a Salesforce professional for several years now. You've made remarkable progress since getting hired and are killing it at work, but that big raise or promotion you've been patiently waiting for is starting to feel like wishful thinking, and the success stories of other Salesforce professionals aren't lining up with your reality. What happened? 

If this situation hits close to home, we have good news for you! The six-figure salaries, growth opportunities, and career freedom we discuss on this show are very real and attainable - all you need is a little behind-the-scenes elbow grease. This episode will bring you up to speed on everything you need to know to level up your Salesforce game, get the most out of your career, and kiss those couch potato work habits goodbye.

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Handy Timestamps

2:15: Brad and Anita share why challenging yourself at every step of your Salesforce career can launch you to new heights.

4:40: Does the professional branding ever stop? We go over some of the exciting opportunities that intentional networking can get you.

13:50: Anita breaks down the art of negotiating your raise and Brad breaks the job-hopping myth.

23:20: Here are some ways to keep your interview skills fresh after you land your job.

29:30: When you work from home (or are a Salesforce enthusiast), maintaining a work-life balance is a lot harder. We give some tips on how to set boundaries so you can keep your professional and personal life separate.

40:00: Brad outlines some of the powerful ways communication can influence your career.

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