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Military spouses and veterans score Salesforce careers | Ep 024

Military spouses and veterans score Salesforce careers | Ep 024

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It can be scary to step outside the norm and take a different career path different from everyone else's. For military spouses and veterans, this might mean breaking free from traditional stay-at-home parenting and civil service work. Whether it be to provide financial cushioning for your spouse or to kickstart a new career without much background experience, Salesforce is a great place to start!

Thanks to programs such as Trailhead Military, Merivis, and Talent Stacker, Karri Webster and Kyle Gaubert have been able to find their footing as Salesforce professionals and use their unique skillsets to thrive in their careers. Tune in as we discuss these and so much more, including some tips they would give to others looking to transition out of the military.

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3:20: Karri and Kyle share how they stumbled upon Salesforce.

6:40:  We shine some light on the benefits and resources available to military families.

16:25: If you're a military veteran or spouse, you might be wondering if your skills are transferrable to a Salesforce career. Don't worry, some of them are!

20:42:  Karri and Kyle discuss why Salesforce was a better alternative for them than other careers.

24:30: Our guests share some of their current goals as they continue to thrive in the Salesforce ecosystem.

26:20: What were some of the main fears and concerns that came with making such a huge jump? Karri and Kyle share how they felt during the transition process.

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