The Art of Optimization: Our Top Work Hacks | Ep 045

The Art of Optimization: Our Top Work Hacks | Ep 045

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We’ve all been there: you’re about to hop on camera, only to realize that your hair is going in three different directions and your background is far from flattering. Or, those inevitable "quick calls" and back-and-forth emails are eating up more time than you'd like and making remote work anything but asynchronous. They may seem like small grievances, but these daily obstacles add up and make work harder than it needs to be.

As we wrap up our final official season, tune in one more time to hear Brad and Anita’s top work hacks to streamline your work process and boost your efficiency around the clock. Because who said work couldn't be a smoother ride?

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Handy Timestamps

2:10: Why no more seasons?

5:40: Tips, tricks, and tools for planning higher-quality meetings

21:15: How to look professional with zero effort

25:05: Creating a morning routine

30:30: Using automation and preventing burnout

36:00: Setting boundaries at work and in your community

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