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Salesforce Admin and Analyst Salaries

Posted by Bradley Rice

If you're interested in becoming a Salesforce professional you've probably heard about the incredible pay this career path offers. You are likely finding it can be difficult to get clear information due to an array of job titles, experience levels and specialties.  In this article we're going to focus on Salesforce Administrator and Salesforce Business Analyst salaries as these are the 2 most common job roles for entry-level Salesforce professionals. We are also going to focus mainly on Junior Salesforce income levels because here at Talent Stacker we thrive on helping individuals break into Salesforce jobs.

What Impacts Your Salesforce Salary

In the United States, Canada, and Australia the average entry-level Salesforce salary ranges from $60,000 - $80,000+. We've even seen new Salesforce Professionals landing salaries over $100,000 in their first Salesforce job! So first let's take a moment to understand what influences what you can expect.

  • Salesforce Experience

  • Personal Branding & Showcasing Your Transferable Skills

  • Interview Preparation & Quality Interview Strategy

  • Salesforce Certifications

  • End-User Salesforce Experience

  • Related IT Experience (non-Salesforce)

Salesforce Experience

With Salesforce Experience topping the list you may be asking yourself how you could possibly have experience if you are still working to land your first Salesforce job. This is a great question and typically comes in the form of doing volunteer projects in order to get some hands-on experience or working on personal projects in your own personal org to imitate real-world scenarios. The most important aspect is that you get quality volunteer experience that truly improves your understanding and ability to communicate value in interviews and on resumes.

Personal Branding

Personal Branding refers to how well built your LinkedIn Profile is as well as how well you are engaging on LinkedIn to draw attention to your value as a professional. We curated a completely Free LinkedIn Optimization Guide Here to help you go from LinkedIn Zero to LinkedIn Hero!

Salesforce Certifications

Salesforce Certifications are largely misunderstood in the Salesforce ecosystem. Your first certification will have the largest impact on your marketability and over 80% of individuals land their first job with just one certification. The most common certification to get first is your Salesforce Administrator Certification as this shows dedication to Salesforce as a career and a fundamental understanding of the platform. Getting additional certifications can improve your initial offer marginally, but please don't get additional certifications until you have improved your branding, interview skills and are actively attempting to find volunteer projects. For more information please watch the video here explaining in more detail!

How Much Do Admins & Analysts Get Paid?

Now that we've covered our bases let's get into the numbers! The results shown in the graphics below are based on the Mason Frank Salesforce Careers & Hiring Guide. Many Salesforce experts will argue that the numbers shown are too high, however, I disagree and it's important to understand the data. The Salesforce salary survey categorizes "Junior" as anyone with 0-3 years of experience. Someone with 3 years experience will average a salary closer to $120,000, while someone with 1 year of experience will average closer to $85,000. So as a first distinction please know that the graphics in the video are not showing entry-level or 0 experience, this is further explained in the video.

The Talent Stacker Advantage

The Talent Stacker Salesforce Career Development Program helped over 1,000 individuals start their Salesforce careers last year and the average entry-level salary was $72,000 with 95% of members landing roles as Salesforce Admins and Salesforce Analysts. 90% of these individuals had 1 Salesforce certification, 7% had 2 or more certifications and 3% did not have a certification. For our members, it took an average of 4.3 months from joining the program to landing their 1st job. For more information on starting your Salesforce career try the Free 5 Day Salesforce Challenge today!

Will Salesforce Salaries Increase or Decrease in 2022

A number of factors may influence Salesforce salaries in the coming years. Let's take a look at a the items that will likely have the biggest impact.

Access to Free Training Resources

It's logical to assume that if Salesforce introduces more and more free training that would make it easier for new professionals to enter the ecosystem and therefore create a talent surplus and lower wages. However we need to look at the facts. Salesforce introduced Trailhead in 2014 attempting to combat the talent shortage for its customers, 7 years later and 10s of millions of dollars invested in training resources we are experiencing the largest Salesforce talent shortage ever. In 2020 Salesforce removed all Salesforce Certification maintenance fees and went from requiring 3 Certification Upkeep Exams per year to having only 1. This is once again Salesforce attempting to help certified individuals more easily get certified and more easily maintain their certifications. Needless to say the demand for talent is still far outrunning the supply for talent even with these drastic measure.

Impact of Salesforce Job Training Programs

The emergence of cutting edge Salesforce Job Training Programs like the Talent Stacker Salesforce Career Development Program could help bridge the gap. Lets once again look at the numbers. It is estimated that over 1 million new jobs will be created each year in the Salesforce ecosystem. If a program like Talent Stacker is helping 1,000 individuals per year land Salesforce jobs that represents an impact of .001% this means that the influence of programs like ours will certainly help individuals but will be a drop in the bucket for the overall market.

Salesforce Success

If Salesforce were to see a major competitor emerge that year over year consistently take 10%+ of the market share we could see a slow down in the need for Salesforce talent. However over the past 15 years we are seeing the exact opposite with Salesforce taking a larger and larger market share each year with no signs of slowing.

Economic Inflation

Inflation has been on the rise since 2021 so we will likely see an increase in Salesforce Salaries, however this would not represent an improved purchase power, simply an inflation adjusted increase.

    The Bottom Line

    Salesforce salaries and demand for Salesforce talent is at an all-time high. Entry-Level Salesforce Salaries average $65,000 to $80,000 depending on a number of factors that are within your control. You can absolutely become a Salesforce professional and it can take as little as 3-5 months.

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