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Salesforce Paid Internship | Salesforce and Talent Stacker Combine Forces

Posted by Bradley Rice

Salesforce Paid Internship: Talent Stacker, Salesforce, and Parker Dewey Partner to Offer Incredible Opportunities

Aspiring Salesforce professionals often encounter the classic dilemma: employers require experience, but candidates can't gain experience without being given a chance. Addressing this challenge head-on, Talent Stacker, Salesforce, and Parker Dewey have joined forces to offer paid internships to entry-level Salesforce job seekers. This strategic partnership is designed to bridge the gap, providing invaluable experience to those looking to start their careers in Salesforce.

Employers Overlook Job Seekers Lacking Hands-On Experience

A significant challenge for individuals aspiring to break into the Salesforce industry is the experience requirement often stated in "entry-level" job postings, which paradoxically demand 2-3 years of prior experience. This presents a major obstacle for those ready to enter the workforce. To address this issue, 3 innovative companies are creating pathways to help these job seekers gain the crucial hands-on experience they need.

Salesforce - The renowned CRM technology leader, introduced Trailhead in 2014. This acclaimed free online training platform is tailored to assist entry-level talent in earning Salesforce Certifications and mastering new skills through practical tasks embodied in Super Badges. These badges offer learners hands-on experience in a self-guided format. (How to get started with Trailhead is outlined in Days 1 & 2 of the free 5 day challenge here.)

Parker Dewey - This incredible company has been working for almost a decade connecting employers with the next generation of talent through short-term, professional assignments that they call Micro-Internships. Typically designed for college students and recent graduates, these internships were expanded specifically for Salesforce candidates in partnership with Talent Stacker for Talent Stacker members.

Talent Stacker: Premier Salesforce Workforce Partner

Talent Stacker - Is the highest performing Salesforce Workforce Partner having assisted over 1,300 job seekers in starting Salesforce careers. Talent Stacker is known for revolutionizing the way new Salesforce talent gets experience through innovative Salesforce Hands-On Experience Projects. These projects, led by expert Salesforce Project Managers, involve team-based implementation of Salesforce solutions from scratch, offering real-world experience that is directly applicable to professional settings. Additionally, Talent Stacker’s innovative training methodologies developed by Alex Warneke and Anthony Scrima—such as Build-Along and SOS—are renowned for their effectiveness in preparing new talent for immediate and impactful Salesforce roles.

The Unprecedented Success of a Trailblazing Trio in Salesforce Internships

When three leading innovators in the Salesforce ecosystem combined forces, they set a new standard for excellence in professional development. But what made this collaboration so effective?

Revolutionary Paid Micro-Internships Funded by Salesforce
What makes these "Micro-Internships" so revolutionary? It's the innovation, by Parker Dewey, of offering a shorter term than traditional 10-12 week summer internships. The short-term nature makes these easier for companies to participate, providing an effective “audition” of prospective candidates for longer term roles. And given the plethora of small tasks associated with getting the most out of a Salesforce org, every Salesforce administrator or user has 10-20 hour tasks that are perfect to offer these Micro-Interns. In a groundbreaking move, Salesforce financed the internships, not the hosting companies. Funding was directed towards highly skilled Salesforce candidates. This financial support did more than just assist with living expenses; it provided invaluable, real-world Salesforce experience that candidates might not otherwise have been able to afford.

Recruitment of Top Talent & Strategic Partnership with Hosting Companies
Talent Stacker, known for having the most qualified entry-ready Salesforce talent from its Salesforce Career Development Program, faced the challenge of finding host companies for these eager interns. Leveraging its robust social media following and extensive network—the largest of any Salesforce Workforce Partner—Talent Stacker activated its community to identify and secure companies eager to nurture new talent. The primary goal was to ensure a perfect alignment between the interns' skills and the companies' needs.

Strategic Talent Matching by Parker Dewey
With nearly a decade of experience in facilitating successful internship matches, Parker Dewey expanded its expertise to the Salesforce domain. They overhauled their internship platform specifically for Salesforce roles, transforming it into a dynamic hub where companies could list projects and requirements, and candidates could apply directly to participate in relevant projects. This platform not only streamlined the process but also ensured that each match was optimal for both the intern and the company.

Impactful Outcomes
The collaboration resulted in over $30,000 in Salesforce internships and more than 1,000 hours of hands-on Salesforce experience. These efforts not only helped bridge the experience gap for new professionals but also strengthened the entire Salesforce ecosystem by fostering a well-prepared workforce.

Reflecting on Success
Below, we showcase some of the remarkable achievements and testimonials from those who participated in this initiative, illustrating the profound impact and potential of such partnerships in shaping future industry leaders.

Getting an internship with a large global company through Parker Dewey was a confidence-building and career-advancing experience for me. I learned so much during my 20 hour internship and received an outstanding reference from my supervisor on LinkedIn! I think having these Salesforce internships is a fantastic way for Salesforce Administrators new to the ecosystem to gain experience and build their resumes. I feel extremely fortunate to have been invited by the Talent Stacker Career Development Program to participate in this partnership!

Testimonial from    Rebecca Musy

Rebecca Musy

Salesforce Administrator - Job Landed 🎉

[Cloud Code Academy]( uses Salesforce to manage students who go through our Salesforce development training program. Salesforce tracks our students' progress, goals, and now problems (support cases). Cloud Code gets many email questions related to the program and code inquiries. Our intern implemented the email-to-case functionality inside Salesforce. They set up and tested the out-of-the-box email-to-case functionality along with case routing. Then they implement custom code logic to auto-reopen cases and create leads/contacts based on case information. Participating in micro-internships is a win-win for all.

Testimonial from    Cloud Code Academy

Cloud Code Academy

Warren Walters - Company Owner

My client and I used tools including Slack and ClickUp to communicate asynchronously and manage tasks. I used a combination of declarative and programmatic solutions as well as declarative solutions including configuring a routing address, creating case assignment rules, and customizing record pages. Programmatic solutions included writing Apex classes, triggers, and unit tests as well as building a custom Email-to-Case process. This opportunity has given me a paid project I can share when talking to recruiters, confidence that I can do well in the career path I'm going for, and motivation to keep going on my journey.

Testimonial from    Eddy Chan

Eddy Chan

Salesforce Developer

Currently we use Salesforce as our CRM the way it was intended/designed to work. We utilize Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and a few other features. So far, our intern has been working on some of the "off boarding process" that we have for our clients. In a nutshell, she has been designing a very complicated (and large) flow that helps offset some of the manual tracking that is needed for when a client needs to be "off boarded" from one of our products. This entails some time based triggered events, as well as a number of emails that need to be sent out to customers. If any company is hesitant about pursuing these internship opportunities, I would say that they're missing out big time! It's a great opportunity for both the intern, and the company to work together.

Testimonial from    Proactive Dealer Solutions

Proactive Dealer Solutions

Senior Salesforce Administrator

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