Top 5 Keys to Landing Salesforce Jobs You Can Use Today

Posted by BradleyRice

Are you ready to break into the Salesforce industry? In this article, we’ll reveal the top 5 obstacles preventing you from landing your first Salesforce entry-level role—and it's not just about earning another certification!

We’ll dive into how the Talent Stacker Salesforce Career Development Program addresses these challenges head-on, providing you with a comprehensive strategy to secure roles such as Salesforce Administrator, Analyst, Consultant, and Developer. Our proven methodologies, developed and tested with over 12,000 individuals, guarantee a faster path to success than going it alone.

This isn't guesswork or another article offering vague tips. Our advice is based on evidence and designed to help you skip the struggle. But don’t just take our word for it—hear from our successful members!

What We’ll Cover:

  • Earning Your First Certification: Why you only need one to get started.

  • Building Your Personal Brand: The importance of branding and how to stand out to hiring managers.

  • Gaining Real-World Experience: How to secure and demonstrate your value to potential employers.

  • Mastering Interviews: Tips to showcase your expertise and land the job.

  • Effective Job Applications: Strategies to get noticed by decision-makers, beyond just applying and hoping.

Don't just take it from us! Be sure to take a look at some of the feedback from companies who have hired our members!

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Obstacle #1 - A Salesforce Certification

Your 1st Salesforce Certification is typically the first hurdle to tackle and while it can be difficult for some it is likely the most clear hurdle to overcome. You have a set curriculum created by Salesforce, practice exams readily available and an easy to understand process to getting your first certification.

This 1st certification will show your commitment to a Salesforce career, and lets employers know that you have a base level of technical understanding. However, if you already have a certification but you aren’t getting interviews and job offers then there is an issue and it’s not that you need more certifications! It’s likely a combination of personal branding and the amount of quality preparation you’ve put into your interview skills.

You may have heard a common myth that you need 3-5 certifications to stand out, and if that number sounds daunting, I’ve got some great news for you. For entry level salesforce jobs, you may be surprised to find you really only need one! If you already have a few certifications, that’s not a bad thing, it can certainly give you an edge, but in my opinion and from the success of many of our members, there are many topics to focus on aside from getting as many certifications as possible.

So yes, that first certification is absolutely key, but before moving on to attempting the 2nd certification, let’s talk about what else we should be doing to have the biggest impact on getting a job offer!

How does the Salesforce Career Development Program help you get a certification?

As many people already know, Salesforce Certifications have a relatively clear path to success, you use Salesforce’s free training platform Trailhead to earn badges and learn the material. You then take some Practice Exams utilizing free online quizzes or professionally designed exams from Focus on Force. You might even attend a Certification Days Webinar hosted by Salesforce. Once you feel confident in your ability to pass the exam you get it scheduled and celebrate your success! Now the Salesforce Career Development Program focuses mainly on getting you a job and starting a career, not getting a certification, this is why many of our members who join are already certified, because they know our value comes in getting you paid! However, we do help facilitate the certification process and this is how.

Weekly Live Study Groups

We host weekly live study groups where you have a chance to learn from our Salesforce Certified coaches and participate in a live quiz for some friendly competition with other members! We make the study process fun so when you start your new job you’re excited about Salesforce, not burnt out!

Private Study Groups

While the live study groups can be exciting it’s also nice to have small group focus and accountability. These groups are facilitated by Talent Stacker and led by group members just like you. Typically in teams of 3-5 members you work together to pass the exam. Access to the Focus on Force Practice Exams are supplied to every member as well as Pacing Guides to keep you on track and a week by week breakdown of exactly what Trailhead lessons to complete and how to use your progress to build your professional network!

Career Development Program

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Pacing Guides: The program includes a week by week pacing guide to show you exactly what you should be learning to succeed. We also know that some members have more time to dedicate than others so we have pacing for Casual, Intermediate and Aggressive timelines depending on your individual goals. We expect members to dedicate roughly 8-10 hours per week to see rapid success.

Obstacle #2 - Your Personal Branding

Did you know that Salesforce hiring is at an all time high? This includes Business Analysts, Admins, Declarative Developers and Developers! With all of these roles needing to be filled there is only one place you need to be, LinkedIn! LinkedIn is easily the most valuable place to showcase who you are, and why you are the best candidate for these jobs!

You might be thinking “Isn’t my resume the most important place to showcase my skill?” and the answer is… not even close. Most employers won’t even look at your resume until the interview is scheduled, this means your LinkedIn profile is all they see when it comes to first impressions and determining if you are worth them spending the time to schedule an interview.

How does the Salesforce Career Development Program help you with your personal branding?

We have coached 5000+ individuals to use LinkedIn as their primary resource for landing jobs and attracting the attention of decision makers at companies. So how do we do it and why does our process work so well?

First we show you step by step how to execute on everything from creating a profile, adding eye-catching imagery to your background and profile photos, showcasing Feature content that will turn heads and translate your past experience into meaningful transferable skills for your future in Salesforce. Then we take it a huge step further by showing you how to engage on LinkedIn every single week in a way that builds your network, puts more eyes on you and makes a tremendous difference in whether or not you’re ever considered for the available positions in the Salesforce space! We even help you understand how to shield your current employer from your activity on LinkedIn so you can search for jobs and improve your branding with no anxiety. If interested in addition we offer an individualized LinkedIn Audit where our branding experts review your profile and give you updates and advice to perfect it! If the idea of personal branding sounds awful for the introverts out there, know that over half of our members who land jobs are introverts and we find that once you become passionate and understand why Salesforce is so exciting you will want to share in the community!

Obstacle #3 - Real World Experience

If you’re looking to land a job in the Salesforce ecosystem, experience is going to be a requirement for most jobs. But suddenly you are faced with the classic catch 22, you don’t have any experience, but you can’t get a job to get the experience. So how will you ever get a job? This is the area where most aspiring Salesforce professionals fall flat and where Talent Stacker thrives. You begin to realize that certifications alone are not enough, ALL employers want real world experience! But how do you get experience if you can’t land a job?

Luckily, there are many other ways to go about getting enough experience to land yourself a job. Many of these junior Salesforce roles can start at a salary of $70,000 to $80,000+. Of course we have publicly available content like our Real World Requests Series on Youtube that can help you better understand the real world scenarios but let’s take a look at how the Talent Stacker Salesforce Career Development Program overcomes this major obstacle definitively!

How does the Talent Stacker Salesforce Career Development Program make sure you have Real World Experience?

You’ll hear a lot of Salesforce influencers tell you to get volunteer experience, myself included, but that’s a process. You need to find companies looking for volunteers, apply and interview for those roles and convince companies to let you work for free. Then you have to cross your fingers and hope that the experience you get is quality and not just sending emails that never get responses, or entering data in the system and never getting hands-on experience with the platform.

We guarantee you a quality volunteer project led by a seasoned Salesforce Consultant who will help guide you and your team of 2-3 other certified members through the project deliverables. On these projects you will gather requirements, document solutions, complete a major implementation or enhancement in a real Salesforce environment and prepare training materials for end users. Does that sound like an incredible experience to add to your LinkedIn Profile, talk about in interviews, build your confidence and sharpen your skills? Yes it does! Now when you hop on that next interview and the interviewer asks the fated question “tell us about your hand-on experience with the platform” or “tell us about a situation where you had to overcome a hurdle in Salesforce” you will actually have a real answer, no fluff, just real stories about your amazing experience!

Have a quick look at this Project Demo one of our project teams built when implementing Salesforce for the Talent Stacker Program! You'll be capable of this and more after completing the Talent Stacker Salesforce Career Development Program!

Obstacle #4 - Interview Preparation

Did you know that 85% of job applicants don’t put any real effort into preparing for interviews? They look up the top 10 questions for the role, check out Glassdoor for company reviews and then just hope all goes well if they dress nice and sound confident. So it’s no surprise when we hear stories about individuals getting rejected during the interview process or applying for 500 jobs but not getting any offers! The biggest issue is that most individuals don’t know how to prepare, they don’t know what strategies to implement to dominate interviews. It’s incredible that you can be so close to a new career and an offer on the table and it all crumbles at the last moment, this can cause individuals to give up or start to feel like they aren’t capable. It’s not true though, it’s just a barrier to overcome and with the proper guidance you can enjoy interviews and start deciding between multiple offers like Daniel, Akhilaa and Jiyaad did!

How does the Salesforce Career Development Program position you to Dominate Interviews?

The interview process can be challenging but we want you to be well prepared! We actually have top interview experts working for Talent Stacker to coach our members to be fully prepared for interviews. So what steps do we take to make sure you are ready for your moment?

  • Virtual Interview Preparation Guide - 95%+ of interviews are completely virtual now, this means that you need to prepare your video, audio, background, body language and environment for this interview. This gives you an incredible opportunity to standout from other candidates in your own environment and proves your ability to work remotely and with technical devices/platforms. We teach you to take advantage of this massive opportunity!

Live Interview Events - we host regular live events so that you can ask questions, share experiences and get targeted coaching! All events are recorded and shared so you will instantly have access to an array of content from these private events!

1:1 Mock Interview Sessions - If you opt for the 1:1 interview package you will get access to a mock interview and feedback session with our in house interview expert who will coach you to perfect the process! Every member gets access to our mock interview archive where you can see the interview and feedback sessions from our members who have already landed jobs as well as a breakdown of their background to find individuals that align with your prior experience and industry!

We teach you to handle Phone Screening calls from recruiters, how to answer questions like “what are your salary requirements” and how to convey your guaranteed volunteer experience in a way that turns heads. You will understand how to tell amazing stories based on your experience so instead of studying the top 20 questions for Salesforce jobs you can tell amazing stories that will answer almost any question. Not to mention we teach strategy on avoiding the fated Technical Interview Questions and how to sound amazing in the situations where they do come up!

Take a look at what our members have to say about the interview preparation content and events hosted in the Talent Stacker Salesforce Career Development Program!

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Obstacle #5 - How to Search For Jobs

Once you’ve completed all the above steps, it’s easy to get over confident with your job search. I mean, it’s not hard to apply for jobs, right? You just click “apply now” upload your resume and cross your fingers... well when I put it that way it almost sounds like a lost cause doesn’t it? I mean you just submit an application into the abyss and hope someone calls? There has to be a better way... good news, THERE IS!

While it’s easy to apply for jobs, the strategies you need to utilize in order to turn the heads of hiring managers needs to factor into everything you do, you want to be noticed, you want application reviewers to find your application and invite you to interview, not just hope they do, be sure that they do!

How does the Salesforce Career Development Program position help me to apply for jobs more meaningfully and get interviews?

At Talent Stacker we take a targeted approach to getting the attention of decision makers at companies. We of course want to apply for the role but we also want to make sure they see us, but how on earth do we do this? In the program we teach on the following topics so that you stand out far from the competition!

  1. Overcoming the 3+ years experience needed that seems to be a requirement even for entry level roles.

  2. Reading between the lines on Job Descriptions to find 5x as many jobs that you're qualified for.
    Better utilizing tools like LinkedIn Jobs and to find the jobs that you're a fit for.

  3. Sending meaningful messages to decision makers via email and social platforms like LinkedIn.

  4. Writing engaging Cover Letters
    Communicate with interview follow-up emails that make interviewers want to give you a shot!

  5. Keep in mind many of our members land jobs that they don't even apply for, because their personal brand is so strong.

With the strategies taught in the Talent Stacker Salesforce Career Development program it is no surprise that our members land jobs more consistently, more quickly and with more success than anyone else! We simply take a comprehensive approach to all aspects of the Salesforce job placement process, with all of our staff being Salesforce professionals fully dedicated to your success! If you would like more information, the details of every aspect of the program including far more free content and to lock in your chance to enroll please join Informational Wait-List using the form below!