Is it Time to Give Up on Your Salesforce Career? | Ep 052

Is it Time to Give Up on Your Salesforce Career? | Ep 052

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The Salesforce ecosystem is changing. In the history of Salesforce, this is known as the hardest time to land a job EVER. But is it impossible?

Today’s special episode is recorded live from Camp Talentstacker, where Allie McCarron, Keegan McGoldrick, and Amy Morris join us to share their stories of how they stood firm and fought to secure their Salesforce careers. We explore the grit, persistence, and determination needed to weather the certification and job application process and discuss the key things that make you stand out in the job market. When the going gets tough, these people get going.

Handy Timestamps

3:30: Why Salesforce is still worth it

6:40: Keegan, Allie, and Amy introduce themselves

8:40: Allie’s story

11:00: Why you should be building connections, and other things you can do to increase your chances of landing a job

20:40: Keegan’s story

29:00: Amy’s story

36:40: Brad and the panel’s closing thoughts

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