More Than You Wanted to Know About Salesforce Consulting | Ep 051

More Than You Wanted to Know About Salesforce Consulting | Ep 051

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You may know him as the LinkedIn guru, but Jordan Nelson is also well-established in the ecosystem as a Salesforce Consulting expert. Whether you’re interested in freelancing or not, understanding what Salesforce customers need and how consultants meet those needs is a great way to step up your Salesforce game. Stay tuned as we discuss the ins and outs of becoming your own boss, a better way to build your online network, and how owning a business can shape an entirely new lifestyle for you (thanks, tax write-offs!)

To learn more about Jordan or to book a call with the man himself, be sure to check him out on LinkedIn or visit his own consultancy, Simple Salesforce.

Handy Timestamps

5:30: Jordan gives us a rundown of his Salesforce origin story.

11:50: At what point did Jordan decide to jump from full-time to his own thing?

17:00: Brad gives his take on the key things you need to succeed in switching over to independent consulting.

21:00: Jordan advises on how to stack the odds in your favor and take full advantage of your opportunities.

25:00: We give some key tips for building authentic relationships with people online.

33:00: Jordan explains what counted as wins for him when switching to independent consulting and the new things he’s gained.

42:00: Brad and Joran discuss the finer pros of owning your own business, including the multipliers for selling, healthcare, and retirement plans.

47:00: Jordan shares some hard lessons he’s had to learn along the way.

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