Understanding the Journey of the Salesforce Developer | Ep 049

Understanding the Journey of the Salesforce Developer | Ep 049

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Whether you're considering an admin-to-developer path or you're dead-set on jumping straight in, knowing where to start among the endless tutorials and how-to guides is tricky for Salesforce Developers-to-be. Enter: our special guest, Warren Walters!

This 18x certified Salesforce MVP is here to walk us through every angle in the Salesforce Developer's journey. We give a special highlight to his program, CloudCodeAcademy, discussing how it can take you from ground zero to scoring your dream dev job. Stay tuned to learn how to avoid tutorial hell, why you need to practice your for dev interviews, and how you can showcase your skill with…cat feeders.

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Handy Timestamps

6:20: There's so much information for people looking to break directly into a Salesforce developer role—where do you even start?

8:30: We talk about which certifications (if any!) you actually need to become a developer without spending extra time and money.

13:45: Warren walks us through the different skills you develop as you level up.

17:20: What is the interview process like for prospective developers, and how can they get prepared?

28:45: Brad and Warren discuss the major benefits of crossing the declarative and programmatic divide and how you can get there.

32:30: How hot is the dev market, and how much can your salary grow with experience?

38:45: Warren explains more about how CodeCloud Academy is designed and paced.

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