Unlock your High-Income Potential with Salesforce | Ep 050

Unlock your High-Income Potential with Salesforce | Ep 050

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We know the salary growth that comes after entry-level is impressive, but making the jump to double six figures can seem daunting or even out of reach. If you’ve been in the Salesforce game for a while now and are looking to cultivate your career and your earnings, this is the episode for you!

Our guest this week is Trevor Krieg, here to share how he job-hopped, negotiated, and worked his way to a double six-figure salary. Keep listening to hear his insightful tips on keeping work-life priorities straight, building confidence in negotiations, and forming quality connections that pay it forward.

Handy Timestamps

3:45: Trevor breaks down how much he makes doing what he does.

5:50: How Trevor got started with his Salesforce career.

11:00: Trevor gives his take on the great debate in the Salesforce ecosystem: what’s most important, certs or experience?

19:45: Trevor walks us through the different titles he’s donned, and how his salary grew over time.

27:45: What it took for Trevor to build the confidence to negotiate his salary.

33:00: What are the impacts of job hopping on your long-term goals?

35:30: What it takes to get to double six figures.

38:45: Trevor explains the power of side gigs and community.